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Featured in groups See All. This is a requested story from a very good friend of mine.

The Orah by E.H. James

It's not going to be a very long story, maybe about 12 chapters. However, I did want to do this for her. She asked me the other day if I would write this story idea and I agreed to. This took a little while to put together and create, but I think it came out alright.

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It's probably not my best, but that's because I was kinda sleepy when I started writing it. This story does involve Age Regression AR transformation. Just a heads up. I really hope that you guys enjoy it! Comments Join the community to add your comment.

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Book of James Songtext

Would you be terribly offended if I rewrote this in my own style? I wouldn't post it. If anything I'd share it with you and no one else. It's an amazing story. I read it once a while ago and forgot about it till recently. This theme is something I'm a bit of a fanatic about. Something about going back to innocence intrigues me. It can be hard to find non-sexual writings especially here and this is high quality.


It'd be amazing to get your approval to edit this. GabrielRaven Writer. Do as you please with it. I'd appreciate it if you shared with with me. If you do decide to post it, just give credit where credit is due. But otherwise, please feel free to rewrite this how you like.

AyuChan Hobbyist Digital Artist.

Addicted to Unpredictability

Already love this story!!!!!! About to binge it all. I'm glad you're enjoying this story. Be careful what you wish for! How many times does it take for someone to learn?! That made sense. He means hi that's his way of saying hi. OMG, I loved this story. It was so cute and hilarious. I think I've read it around 5 times and I haven't gotten bored of it at all Can I request a story like this one?

If that's okay. I don't mind a request, just know that it will take time for me to work on. Send the information in a note and I'll go over it. I sent the note. But I'm not sure if everything that's needed is in there It's my first time making a request Can I ask how long the story will be?

I'm sorry. I was just wondering. If I'm being rude, I'm really sorry. Well I need to think on this one. You should know When I involve transformations of any sort, it is for a reason, not simply because I can. I see potential in this as maybe a short story. Like 2 or 3 parts, but I don't want to make this a simple "turns into a baby for kicks" thing. I want reason, cause and effect, motive, and an end result. All of these things I can figure out, but it will take time. I just take writing seriously. Yeah, there's a reason behind why she gets turned into a baby. Although I'm not sure if it's very good.

But what do you mean by cause and effect?

I can help think of them, I just don't know what those too mean. And yeah, I understand. I'm the same when I write. I take it seriously, but I'm not as good as I want to be. I can post a taster of a story I'm writing on deviantart for you to read if you'd like.

As I said, it may not be good, but you read it. Yeah, that's fine.

Despite winning performances, something about this wispy two-hander just doesn't sit right.

I don't mind waiting. Just send me a note its done okay? And I will do right now. Samantha-Bennett Hobbyist Writer. Idea of story: Great. Execution: Pretty good. Style of writing: A little blocky and difficult to follow as far as dialogue goes, but that's really just because my brain cannot read dialogue unless the screen is the size of a kindle.

I'd say pretty nice. Talent and Grammar: Excellent, but for a few mistakes here and there.

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So far, this story gets a 9. Pikku-Rotta Writer. Hilarious and cute! Enjoyed a lot.

Fun to read sometimes something that does not involve danger and fear. Entertainment does not always require danger and fear And while many cannot relate to becoming a baby, I'm sure there are plenty who would be rather surprised by it and would question the things that would happen if it occurred. I personally will not like being tiny not even if I also gets to be a owl. I am just more used reading different kind of stories, thats one of the main reasons I like you'r writings.